Best spots in Washington for snowshoeing


While perhaps better known for its rain, Washington is also a snow lover’s dream with plenty of winter wonderlands ready to explore. This couldn’t be more true for snowshoeing! Think of snowshoeing as winter hiking. It’s a great way to get outdoors and see Washington. Below are some of our picks for great snowshoeing.

1.Wenatchee Crest, Blewett Pass

Distance: 6 miles round trip

Located near the city of the same name, Wenatchee Crest is a great snowshoeing option for families and people without much experience. This trail starts at about 4,100 feet of elevation and is a relatively flat trail. The great mountain views start the second your shoe hits snow and doesn’t stop until you get back into the car.

 2. Paradise, Mt. Rainer National Park

Distance: 1.2-5.4 miles

Want an insider’s tip for the best national park experience? Go in winter! By pass the crowds and have this popular summer location all to yourself. Paradise Meadows offers a variety of nice, flat trails with spectacular views of Mt. Rainer making this a great trip for the whole family!

3. Gold Creek, Snoqualmie Pass

Distance: 4 miles round trip

The Snoqualmie area is beautiful year round, and Gold Creek is a great way to experience it. Located just outside the Sno-Park exit, the Gold Creek area is popular for sledding, cross country skiing and snow shoeing. If you want to add some challenge to this path, continue on Gold Creek up to the Kendell Lakes Peak trail. Area is easily accessible from Cle Elem.

4. June Lake, Cougar Washington

Distance: 4.5 miles roundtrip

Not too far from the town of Kelso in southern Washington, this trail is unique because it is so close to Mount St. Helens without showing any signs of volcanic activity! The trail features great views of the peak, but from this angle, it looks like just another mountain. As you amble along, you’ll get to see crashing waterfalls and other sights in this pristine forest.

5. CCC Cabins, Mt. Spokane Washington

Distance: 4 miles roundtrip

While better known as Eastern Washington’s go to place for skiers, Mt. Spokane is also a premier snowshoeing destination. This short path may be a little steep, but it is worth it for the chance to warm up inside a Civilian Conservation Corp. cabin before heading back down the mountain. Built in 1934, these cabins housed unemployed men who worked to build roads and make improvements during the Great Depression.

Regardless of which corner of Washington you stay in, there is bound to be a great winter adventure nearby!


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