Gone Fishin’ on the Oregon Coast


Oregon is replete with lakes, rivers and coastline. It’s a fisherman’s paradise, but that doesn’t mean that casting a line into any nearby water will result in a cooler full of salmon and trout. There are tricks and seasons to fishing fresh water on the Oregon coast. Here are a couple of the best spots for fishing Oregon’s famous salmon in the fall:

Wilson River
Found at the south end of Tillamook Bay, the Wilson River often cedes as much as 2,000 Chinook in a season. Fall is one of the most productive months with populations even running over into nearby rivers.

Nestucca Bay
Located on the southern side of Pacific City, this bay is fed on both sides by the Little Nestucca River in the south and the Nestucca River in the north. The north side of the bay is a popular destination for all anglers. Drift boat fishers may also explore the Three Rivers area. Bank access may be tricky on the Litle Nestucca due to private property.

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