Green Travel in the Great Northwest


Portland Oregon TransportationIf you are traveling to Oregon or Washington, you’re probably having a hard time deciding which of the thousands of scenic views you will be able to visit. Here are a few tips that will help to protect that beautiful green environment and even preserve some of the green in your wallet.

Getting Ready

Turn off and unplug electronics – Just flipping a switch doesn’t keep your electronics from pulling power from your outlets. Unplugging is the only sure way to eliminate power use.

Pack Smart – Pack reusable water bottles and shopping bags to carry food and souvenirs. Packing light can also eliminate weight for your transportation to haul around.

Getting There

Mass Transit – Buses are one of the most ecologically responsible means of transportation. Studies have shown that traveling by bus can even be much more efficient than even driving a hybrid. Not to mention the fact that everyone gets to sleep, read and watch movies whenever they want! If you have an electric car, take the “West Coast Electric Highway”, a stretch along Interstate 5 with charging stations ever 25 to 50 miles.

Getting Around

Now that you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll notice that the big cities are doing a lot to preserve the local greenery.

Local Transportation – Lightrails and elaborate bus routes can be found in the cities and neighboring suburbs. When visiting the city, getting around on mass transit is easy and dry. If weather permits, Portland and Seattle boast some of the safest bike lanes in the country and lots of bike rental shops.

Stay Green – Best Western hotels are governed by a robust structure for eco-friendly operations. These programs include recycling, electric car plug-ins and partnerships with groups like Tree Canada and the Earth Day Networks.

Plan Routes – If you plan to see the mountains, lakes and coastal areas then you can anticipate a fair amount of elevation change. Plan your trip in a way that won’t require you to go up and down more than is necessary. Climbing hills really drinks gas, even in the most fuel efficient vehicles.

Enjoy the Greenery – Take a moment to enjoy the hundreds or parks and reservations found in the northwest. From Crater Lake to Mt Bachelor to The Puget Sound, the outdoors provides more recreation per square foot than anything you can find in the city

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